About the College

The Australasian College of Dermatologists (ACD) is the sole medical college accredited by the Australian Medical Council for the training and continuing professional development of medical practitioners in the specialty of dermatology.  We are the leading authority in Australia for dermatology, providing information, advocacy and advice to patients, communities, government and other health stakeholders on skin health and dermatological practice.   To find out more about ACD, please visit https://www.dermcoll.edu.au/

Our members

The membership of the ACD includes 550 Fellows, 130 Trainees and 43 Associate Members. International Medical Graduates (IMGs) also form part of our membership.

Medical practitioners who have successfully completed the training program of the ACD are known as Fellows of the College (FACD). Fellows of the College are recognised by Medicare Australia and the Medical Board of Australia as specialists in dermatology.

Dermatologists maintain their professional standards and develop new skills through participation in the College’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program.

Our mission

To lead the achievement of first class dermatology care and skin health for our communities. College is the leading authority in Australia for dermatology, but has an opportunity to be a key leading body in dermatology in the Southern

Hemisphere and grow its influence globally.

Our vision

To be a well-respected leader in the Asia- Pacific region for dermatological training, continuing education, scientific advancement and advice. We operate from a set of values which shape us.