Local Organising Committee

Prof Dedee Murrell, President, 2021 International Congress of Dermatology

Professor Dedee Murrell is Chair of the Department of Dermatology at St George Hospital at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney. She is the current President of the Australasian Society of Dermatology Research (ASDR), international board member of the EADV and past Executive Vice President of the International Society of Dermatology.

 Professor Murrell has over 300 research publications, has edited 6 textbooks of dermatology focussed on blistering diseases and is founding Co-Editor of the International Journal of Women’s Dermatology. She serves on the editorial boards of the BJD, JEADV, IJD and JAMA Dermatology. 

Her research interests include the treatment and pathogenesis of pemphigus, bullous pemphigoid, EBA and Epidermolysis Bullosa. Professor Murrell conducts clinical research in these conditions as well as for atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, genetic and autoimmune skin diseases, acne, rosacea and skin cancer. She has trained over 50 international fellows in dermatology.

Prof Rodney Sinclair, Secretary General, 2021 International Congress of Dermatology

Professor Sinclair is a Professor of Dermatology at the University of Melbourne and Director of Epworth Dermatology. He is past-president of the Australasian Society for Dermatology Research, the Australasian Hair and Wool Research Society and the Skin and Cancer Foundation of Victoria.

Professor Sinclair is the co-author of the section on dermatology in the Oxford Textbook of Medicine and lead author of Therapeutic Guidelines – Dermatology. He has written 13 textbooks on dermatology and over 400 research publications to his name. His research is highly cited, and treatment of hair loss receives regular requests for media commentary.

His main research interests are the treatment of hair loss, skin cancer epidemiology, psoriasis, genetic diseases of the skin, autoimmune diseases of the skin, skin immunology and hair and skin stem cell biology. Prof Sinclair conducts clinical research in psoriasis, hair loss and skin cancer prevention and treatment and laboratory research into stem cell biology, regenerative medicine and gene discovery. He is considered a world leader in hair disease, nail disease, psoriasis and skin cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Dr Benjamin Daniel

Dr Benjamin Daniel practices at Melbourne Eastside Dermatology and is a consultant dermatologistat St Vincentʼs Hospital and the Western Hospital. During his dermatology training he has worked atthe National Skin Centre in Singapore.Dr Daniel has aparticular interest in eczema, psoriasis, acne, autoimmune blistering diseases,pigment disorders and skin cancer management

Prof John Kelly

Professor John Kelly is Head of The Victorian Melanoma Service at The Alfred in Melbourne, a multidisciplinary treatment service for melanoma. He founded the service in 1994. Prof Kelly is Adjunct Professor at the Monash University Department of Medicine at The Alfred hospital. He studied in the United States of America and maintains an active program of research in melanoma.

Prof Kelly served on the Boards of the Australia and New Zealand Melanoma Trials Group and has been steering committee member and author for the National Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Melanoma in Australia and New Zealand 1997-2018.

Prof Prasad Kumarasinghe

Clinical Professor Prasad Kumarasinghe is Consultant Dermatologist at Fiona Stanley Hospital and Clinical Professor at the University of Western Australia. He studied in Sri Lanka and Australia and had worked in Sri Lanka and Singapore as a dermatologist , before moving again to Australia.
Prof Kumarasinghe is a Director of the International Society of Dermatology and a committee member of the Asian Teledermatology Forum. He is also an international adviser to the Dermatology Institute in Nepal and the National Vitiligo Foundation in the United States of America.He was the President of the Sri Lanka Association of Dermatologists in 2004.Prof Kumarasinghe is actively involved in the Vitiligo Association of Australia, of which he was the Founder President. He was also the Founder President of the Asian Society for Pigment Cell Research and the Wound Care Foundation of Sri Lanka. He teaches undergaraduate students of universities and postgraduate dermatology trainees and was instrumental in organising several Asian Society for Pigment Cell Research Meetings and the International Tropical Dermatology Conference in 2016.

Prof Kumarasinghe has special interests in pigmentary disorders and tropical dermatology. He is a regular speaker at many national and international dermatology forums including the World Congress of Dermatology, International Congress of Dermatology, International Pigment Cell Conference and the American Academy of Dermatology. He has authored or co-authored over 100 scientific papers in reputed medical journals and written chapters in several internationally-recognised dermatology textbooks. Prof Kumarasinghe was the Editor of the book on Pigmentary Disorders published by Springer Publishers in 2018.

Dr Gillian Marshman

Dr Gillian Marshman is Senior Visiting Dermatologist at Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) and Repatriation General Hospital. She was Head of Unit of Dermatology at FMC for more than 10 years and is current supervisor of registrar training there.Dr Marshmanis a committee member of Flinders Overseas Health Group and has been involved in outreach dermatology, mentoring, teaching and supporting services in West Timor for the last 10 years. Currently she is involved in a variety of collaborative projects there.Dr Marshman has held a number of positions in the College including Chair of the South Australian Faculty, member of the Board of Censors, Chair of the International Dermatology Outreach Committee, member of the Scientific Committee, member of the Accreditation Committee reviewer for the Australasian Journal of Dermatology.She belongs to a number of national and international Dermatological societies including the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, Society for Paediatric Dermatology,Australasian Dermatopathology society and Australian and New Zealand Vulvovaginal Society. Dr Marshman undertakes regular teaching of medical students, registrars and health professionals in the public sector. Her interests are complex inflammatory skin diseases including psoriasis and eczema, paediatric andadolescent dermatological conditions, management of risk factors for melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer and diagnosis and treatment of vulval disease

A/Prof Rosemary Nixon

Associate Professor Rosemary Nixon is the only person to have attained Australian specialist qualifications in both dermatology and occupational medicine and has a special interest in occupational dermatology and contact dermatitis. She has been patch testing patients with contact dermatitis since 1987 and started Australasia’s only occupational dermatology clinic in 1993, establishing a large database in occupational dermatitis.

In 2001, A/Prof Nixon established a small research group in occupational dermatology at the Skin and Cancer Foundation Inc, the Occupational Dermatology Research and Education Centre (ODREC), which is self-funded. She has authored over 140 scientific papers and has a special interest in mentoring young dermatologists in contact dermatitis, including hosting many international visitors. Highlights of A/Prof Nixon’s career include proposing the first Australian Baseline Series for patch testing and establishing the Contact Allergen Bank, which facilitates patch testing in rural and remote areas. She is a Clinical Associate Professor at both Monash University and the University of Melbourne.

A/Prof Nixon has been active in the Australasian College of Dermatologists (ACD) including being a past examiner and Faculty Chair (Victoria), as well as a spokesperson on contact dermatitis. She has also recently established a dermatology connection in East Timor. A/Prof Nixon has been involved with the Skin and Cancer Foundation Inc in Melbourne since its inception in 1987,when she started the inaugural contact dermatitis clinic and is currently Vice-President.

A/Prof Amanda Oakley
Honorary Associate Professor Marius Rademaker

Dr Marius Rademaker initially sub-specialised in paediatric dermatology, occupational dermatology and contact dermatitis. He is particularly interested in the management of inflammatory skin disorders. Prof. Rademaker current research interests include systemic retinoids for use in both wound healing and dermato-oncology, as well as re-purposing of established medicines for dermatological use.

He has been involved in a large number of national and international committees including Medicines Adverse Reactions Committee, Pharmacology and Therapeutics Advisory Committee, Standards Aust/NZ, New Zealand Council on Healthcare Standards, National Paediatric Dermatology Review, Specialty Advisory Committee, New Zealand Skin Cancer Control Steering Committee and International Transplant Skin Cancer Collaborative. Prof. Rademaker is current co-Editor in Chief of the Australasian Journal of Dermatology.

Dr Michelle Rodrigues

Dr. Michelle Rodrigues is a Melbourne-based dermatologist, renowned for her expertise in pigmentary disorders, skin of colour dermatology and laser surgery. She is the founder and director of Chroma Dermatology, a dedicated dermatology centre for pigment and skin of colour. She holds academic positions at The Royal Children’s Hospital and St Vincent’s Health. She is on the Board of Directors for the Skin of Color Society, is involved with the Global Vitiligo Foundation and is a council member for the Asian Society for Pigment Cell Research and the Vitiligo Association of Australia.

Her work with these dermatology bodies has facilitated the establishment of a global mentoring program for young dermatologists interested in skin of colour and has enabled the creation of a global vitiligo awareness campaign. In addition to this, Dr. Rodrigues has established links with Sampan, a community health development program based in rural north India to provide dermatology services and is involved in a dermatology outreach and teaching program in Fiji. Dr. Rodrigues has a strong commitment to education,research and innovation in her areas of expertise. This is evidenced by her list of peer-reviewed publications, textbook chapters, lecturing and research endeavours.

Prof Maurice van Steensel

Professor Maurice van Steensel is professor of genetic dermatology in the School of Medicine, University of Dundee, United Kingdom. He is an internationally renowned expert in genetic skin disorders and his work to date covers the full range of genetic dermatology, from the clinical identification of novel disorders to ciliary biology. Prof van Steensel’s present research interests focus on using rare genetic diseases to understand common skin disorders and design cellular and organismal drug screening assays.

Dr Clare Tait

Dr Clare Tait trained in London before working in New Zealand and then moving to Western Australia as a rural and remote General Practitioner (GP). Following her dermatology training, she worked at Royal Perth Hospital, where she has been for nearly 20 years, and co-founded a large group private practice.

Dr Tait has maintained her love of rural work and is the visiting dermatologist to the Kimberley region of Western Australia. She is currently on the Reconciliation Action Plan task force and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Committee at the Australasian College of Dermatologists. Dr Tait is also a past Dean of Education and Board member and has served on many of the education committees over the last 15 years. She has a long held interest in education and is committed to teaching medical students, junior doctors, specialist trainees and GPs.

Prof Ingrid Winship

Professor Ingrid Winship is the Professor of Adult Clinical Genetics at the University of Melbourne and Director of Genetic Medicine, Melbourne Health. She is both a clinical geneticist and a dermatologist.

Dr Celestine Wong

Dr Celestine Wong is a consultant Dermatologist at the Alfred Hospital and Monash Medical Centre in Melbourne, Victoria. She also consults privately at Chroma Dermatology, Melbourne Eastside Dermatology and Melbourne City Dermatology.
Dr. Wong has a keen interest in dermatology education both locally and overseas and has taught healthcare practitioners nationally and internationally. She has participated in clinical research projects and published in several peer-reviewed dermatology journals.  She has a wide range of interests including paediatric dermatology, pigmentary disorders, contact dermatitis and complex inflammatory skin diseases.
Her strong commitment to serving the underprivileged is evidenced by her ongoing voluntary work in rural North India. She also serves on the International Dermatology Outreach Committee of the Australasian College of Dermatologists to facilitate ongoing dermatology services and education to rural and remote regions of the world.